Saturday, July 5, 2008


If I’d been given just a chance
I might have been the one
to find a cure for cancer
there’s much I could have done.

I might have composed symphonies
of joyful celebration
and shared my music with the world
for future generations.

I might have had a brilliant mind
and cured the common cold
or maybe even found a way
to delay growing old.

I might have been a surgeon
and saved lives every day
or maybe Pastor of a church
and preached salvation’s way.

I might have been a teacher
and taught someone to read
or been a missionary
out sowing Christian seed.

I might have been a loving wife
with children of my own,
I might have been a husband,
instead of an unknown.

But since our country made it law
I’m no more then a choice
and many millions just like me
will never have a voice.