Monday, September 22, 2008

Women of Faith Conference

When first I heard of the conference,
I wasn’t moved to go
I had a thousand reasons why
but none made sense, you know?

I told myself I had no time,
I’d probably get sick in the van
Could I afford the time off work
and a voice said “yes you can”.

When I start hearing voices,
I figure it’s God telling me
to step out of my comfort zone
and it might just set me free

It always pays to listen to God,
the conference brought joy to my soul
as the speakers shared what God desires,
so each woman in him may be whole

Patsy Clairmont kept us laughing,
while helping us understand
about the emotional journey,
that for women is part of God’s plan

Sheila Walsh and Sandi Patty,
testified of the God they love
Singing to him in joyful praise,
as if angels sang out from above

Nicole C. Mullen was “rockin the house”,
when she sings you can’t stay in your seat
Leaving no doubt that it’s God she serves,
she has everyone on their feet

Seventeen thousand women,
gathered in one place
worshipping the God we serve,
hearing of Infinite Grace

Women from all walks of life,
joined in one accord
Laughing, singing, praising God,
in the presence of our Lord

Those of us from DPC
who attended Last weekend's event
Came away blessed and renewed,
knowing our time was well spent.

So women I encourage you
if you’ve ever the chance to go
Pack your bags, hop in the van,
you’ll be more blessed then you know.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let go and let God...

Although you may amass silver and gold
and have treasure fit for a king,
although you've the wealth of the world in your hands,
yet still you crave one more thing.

Your life has been measured in how much you own.
Your power is felt far and wide.
You are the envy of all of your peers,
but still you are empty inside.

The quest for possessions consumes all your days,
nothing have you been denied.
Your heart has experienced pleasures untold,
and still you are living a lie.

Having great wealth was your goal from the start
and you have surpassed all your dreams,
but still you can find no contentment or peace,
how meaningless everything seems.

All your possessions cannot fill the void.
You have lost much more then you've won.
What can you do to find peace in your soul
when cares leave you wanting to run?

Success you have found but what have you lost
while striving to get to the top?
Most of your time has been spent in a race
that some day will come to a stop.

When you close your eyes at the end of the day,
does sleep to you sweetly come,
or does your abundance permit you no sleep,
is the load of your wealth burdensome?

When will your eyes be content with your wealth?
Has your life become one long sigh?
When will you see that what matters the most
is not something money can buy?

You've spent so many years chasing after a dream
but your face wears a permanent frown.
Have you asked yourself why it is never enough?
Do you wonder if peace can be found?

All of your riches will be left behind
when your days on this earth are through.
Why accumulate more then you need?
In the end you can't take it with you.

Though the ways of this world may be worthless,
there is wealth in the heavenly realm.
Riches abundant in God’s risen Son
will be yours with Christ at the helm.

Through Jesus you'll find true joy will be yours
when his peace and love flood your soul,
setting you free from the burden of sin
when at last you relinquish control.