Thursday, December 3, 2009

Merry CHRISTmas To All

Merry CHRISTmas To All

He was born in a stable, lowly and meek
a servant, the Savior for all who would seek
the pure chosen lamb, whiter then snow
came into the world for all men to know.

Why did He come here, why did He die?
Was it the truth or was it a lie?
HIStory taught over two thousand years
allays any doubt, allays any fears.

God sent us a gift in the form of His Son
to defeat the destroyer, THE BATTLE IS WON
His reason for being rings clear as a bell,
to save us from sin, to keep us from Hell

No present is greater nor could ever be
than Christ who was given for you and for me
Jesus the King came down from His throne
to give all a chance, to become His Own.

At this time of the year we remember His birth
but it’s time we also remember His worth.
For the meaning it seems has been taken away
by those who are telling us what we should say

Merry Christmas, no longer spoken in schools
They’ve made it quite clear that is breaking the rules
Happy Holidays, these words now ring in our ear
but from me Merry Christmas is what you will hear

The Savior of all, came to earth for mankind
His mission of love part of God’s grand design
So say Merry Christmas and don’t be afraid
for CHRIST is the reason this season was made.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Balloon has landed

Lifting off so slowly,
no sense of speed or height
rising ever upward
joyous at the sight

Serenity, beauty, peace and calm
as we floated effortlessly
over amish farmlands
a majestic tapestry

Carried aloft on the breath of God
so softly through the air
gazing into the distance
suspended without a care

A gentle breeze upon my skin
a kiss from my creator
for a moment breathless at the thought
that Heaven will be greater

To be able to fly for a moment
just as a bird on the wing
must be like soaring in a balloon
or nearly the closest thing

So now I say to each of you
who is trying to decide
do I have the nerve to try this
I say jump in the basket and ride.

This life on earth is far too short
and there’s so much left to do
now get out there and face your fears
I did and you can too.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Face your Fears - Prelude

Do one thing that scares you every day,
Eleanor Roosevelt said.
So I decided to face my fears
I think I’ve lost my head!

But since I told my husband this
he’s testing my resolve
convincing me to take a cruise
to him one problem solved.

Apparently, he wants to see
just how much I’ll do.

To face the things that scare me
so now there’s something new.

Hot air balloons how beautiful
but take a ride in one?
I never thought I’d do this,
to him it sounds like fun.

How he convinced me I’m not sure
but we’ve already set the day
November 8th were skyward bound
in a basket, up, up and away.

to be continued.......