Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Mother's Love

My life has been forever changed
since you came to be.
Everything I thought I knew
now only a mystery.

How can such a tiny child
my world turn upside down,
fill me with such tenderness,
make a smile erase a frown?

This beating heart no longer mine
you’ve stolen it from me,
anchored firmly in your grasp
never to be set free.

I’d take your pain upon myself
shield you from all sorrow,
was it I who had the wheel
and control was mine to borrow.

So I trust you to the care,
of God your true creator,
assured am I His love for you
is ever so much greater.

He has a plan fit just for you,
though we are not to know
and he will guide and follow you
wherever you may go.

Throughout your life when sorrows come
my heart will be at peace
because I know that through it all
His love will never cease.