Friday, November 13, 2009

The Balloon has landed

Lifting off so slowly,
no sense of speed or height
rising ever upward
joyous at the sight

Serenity, beauty, peace and calm
as we floated effortlessly
over amish farmlands
a majestic tapestry

Carried aloft on the breath of God
so softly through the air
gazing into the distance
suspended without a care

A gentle breeze upon my skin
a kiss from my creator
for a moment breathless at the thought
that Heaven will be greater

To be able to fly for a moment
just as a bird on the wing
must be like soaring in a balloon
or nearly the closest thing

So now I say to each of you
who is trying to decide
do I have the nerve to try this
I say jump in the basket and ride.

This life on earth is far too short
and there’s so much left to do
now get out there and face your fears
I did and you can too.