Thursday, February 18, 2010


The flagellum in the soldier’s hand,
straps of leather tipped with lead,
shredded the skin of our Savior’s back,
thorns had yet to pierce His head.

Weak from the beating and loss of blood,
our Lord slumped to the ground,
as they threw a robe on His open wounds,
Jesus uttered not a sound.

The soldiers mocked this “King of the Jews”
placing a stick in His hand
“This for a scepter,” the Roman said,
as Jesus struggled to stand.

A crown of thorns upon His head
completed the travesty
as they pressed it deep into His scalp,
because of you and me.

he blood ran in rivulets down His face
as they taunted and beat our Lord
yet still Jesus uttered not a word,
while the soldiers were growing bored.

Tiring of their sadistic sport
they ripped the robe from His back,
tearing open His wounds again
and with searing pain He was wracked.

Showing no mercy they tied the beam,
on His shoulders, bare and torn
And led the procession to the hill
where true mercy would be born.

His human muscles could bear no more,
as He crumpled to the ground,
no longer could He carry the wood
to which He had been bound.

Pushed beyond His endurance,
bleeding and in shock,
He’d soon fulfill His purpose
to free God’s chosen flock.

Though He was barely able to walk
the soldiers gave Him no rest,
on the road to His crucifixion,
where for us He’d give His best.

Arriving at Golgotha,
His death was drawing nigh
as they threw our Lord upon the beam
and held the hammer high.

The soldiers were following orders
as they nailed Him to the wood
the King of all creation
was dying for our good.

 They drove a nail through each of His wrists
and one through both of His feet,
this pain He suffered for our sake,
so that one day Him we’d meet.

Hours and hours of limitless pain,
He struggled for each breath
as those who had condemned God’s son
stood waiting for His death.

A chill crept through His tissues
and He knew the end was near,
His mission, was completed,
atonement now was here.

Jesus whispered, “It is finished,”
and then this His final cry,
“Father! Into thy hands I commend my spirit,”
and for our sake He died.

They took him from the cross of love
and laid him in the grave
covered the entrance with a stone
to seal him in the cave.

But three days later an empty tomb
was all that Mary found
for Jesus was no longer there,
he was no longer bound.

He has won the victory
o’er death and sin and shame
for every person on this earth
who calls upon his name.