Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Joys of Being a Grandparent

Our children are a precious gift sent from our God above
and as they grow we do our best to fill their lives with love
From babies who depend on us to meet their every need
To teens who do their very best to challenge us indeed

We do our best to raise them well, to teach them what is true
praying they will seek our God to guide them their lives through
As anyone will tell you who’s ever raised a child
it isn’t always easy, at times it’s even wild

But then they go out on their own and the cycle starts anew
and someday they will find the one whose love for them is true
Somebody who will love them through the good times and the bad
and then before you know it they’ll be the mom and dad

They will then be parents with a journey of their own
and you and I grandparents knowing love we’ve never known
Now that I’ve been so serious let’s see the lighter side
And take a look at our new role with our eyes open wide

Grandchildren are God’s gift to us to cherish and enjoy,
little ones to spoil and love, then give them back “oh boy”!
Our children will have rules of course when asking us to sit
and mostly we will listen but we may stray a bit.

We’ll probably give them more sugar then we’d ever have given our own
Then send them home to mom and dad and disconnect our phone
With a glimmer in our eyes, we’ll watch them drive away
“Maybe we shouldn’t have done that”, you will never hear us say

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fallen Heroes

Through out the years where battles raged it was there they chose to be
to serve a higher purpose they fought to keep us free
Leaving those they loved behind, to fight on distant shores
but still they did it willingly to open freedom’s doors

They gave their all that we might live in a land where freedom rings
They fought, they fell but not for naught, t’was for us they did these things
They wanted so to come back home to the people that they loved
but God had other plans for them as he reached down from above

He said it’s time for you to rest, you’ve made your Country proud
Because of you and what you did freedom’s bell rings loud
So enter now where there is love, come step inside my gates
I’ve brought you home to perfect peace where love and joy awaits

For all of those left here to grieve, for the price that you have paid
from our hearts, we thank you deeply, for the sacrifice you made
Your soldiers deserve to be honored, to be held in high esteem
for they have made it possible to live the American dream

So in your grief fierce, dark and deep, please know how much we care
and know that you are not alone in the sorrow that you bear
We’ll not forget your loved ones, they’re the reason we are free
We HONOR OUR FALLEN HEROES, who gave all for you and me

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Strength

You tell me faith is for the weak that only fools believe.
You tell me that there is no God and that I’ve been deceived.

You say that all of life evolved, and from the mire took shape,
I say that from your heart of sin you’re trying to escape.

You tell me that my faith’s a crutch and that it cripples me,
I say to you, my faith sustains, it’s made me whole and free.

For years, like you, I ran from God, I struggled on my own,
searching for some purpose, trapped in my comfort zone.

If I was to believe God’s word so much would have to change
so much of life as I had known I’d have to rearrange.

No longer could I focus on the worldly ways I knew.
Instead I learned to look to God to teach me what to do.

Like you, I always wanted more, I thought “things” gave me joy
but then I saw that discontent was surely Satan’s ploy.

Realizing happiness was not in what I owned
I gave my life to Jesus Christ, who for my sins atoned.

Through His selfless sacrifice He paved the way for man
to enter into paradise, Jehovah-jireh’s plan.

The Lord Will Provide
Genesis 22:14


Why aren't we responsible for the things we do or say?
It doesn't matter who gets hurt as long as we get to play.

Do what you want but don't get caught and if you do, deny.
Never admit that you were wrong, just tell another lie.

Babies thrown in garbage cans because we have "The Choice".
Children by the millions who will never have a voice.

(Baby Samuel reaching for Life from his mother's womb)

Who knows how many Einsteins or Mozarts we have killed.
How many more will have to die? How much more blood be spilled?

Children are taking guns to school. Should we be surprised?
They see us killing babies. Does it matter then Who dies?

Sunday, March 23, 2008


The vastness of the universe
our sight cannot contain.
His infinite expansive realm
mere mortals can't explain.

This body He has given us,
it's intricate design,
is far beyond the scope of man's
conception to define.

We're given eyes with which to see
all that He has conceived,
yet walk through life with blinders on,
sightless and deceived.

We shut our eyes to His design,
and claim it's happenstance.
We say that life, in all it's forms,
crawled from the soup by chance.

How can we gaze at star filled skies
that show no end in sight
and not believe there is a God
who sent to us the Light?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

His Presence

In my garden, God lives.
Each flower whispers His name.
The air is filled with a fragrance
to which only He can lay claim.

He talks to me in my garden.
In the rustle of branches He's there.
His beauty mirrored in flowers,
that with us He has chosen to share.

He walks with me in my garden.
leaving His prints all around.
In the grass waving on breezes,
He greets me without a sound.

In my garden God brings renewal,
with a colorful show every spring.
An explosion of perfume and petals,
a promulgation of love from the King.